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Power Communications Plus+ Since 1998

Interactive Entertainment


Karen Barron Russell

Ideas Career & Business Development Consultant


Business Owner: Power Communications Plus+ (Since 1998).

Native San Diegan. Retired Telephone Installation & Repair Technician business owner and Communications Technician for Pacific Bell/AT&T. Karen provides Business Start-up Consulting Services with ideas for Artists, Writers and Performers by creating artistic works and productions, while providing technical expertise necessary for productions, utilizing over forty years of experience.



Shan Shankaran
Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design in 2006


Managing Member of PAD Enterprise, LLC (Since 2008)


Business Owner: ShenGekka (Since 2008)

Concept Artist and Digital Media Consultant. Drawing since 4 years old. Created art for a board game, greeting cards, magazines, a comic book, web comics, art for fashion show backdrop and more. Specializes in Anime and Manga art. Original Art on PopSockets Grips and T-Shirts at Amazon. Art downloads available at and



Jackki Kelly
Managing Member of PAD Enterprise, LLC (Since 2008)


Financial Services Manager. Retired: Tele-service Specialist in Banking Industry



Adam-Paul Thomas
Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Animation in 2006

Business Owner: Pixel Peanut (Since 2008)
Animator, Illustrator and Digital Media Consultant. Started drawing at a young age. Created art for an education book, greeting art card, magazines, a comic book, web comic and more. Specializes in Anime & Manga art.



CJ Harris

Music Composer and Producer
Game Show Theme Music, Show Music, Sound Effects and Video Music.